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Symposium on Representation Theory 2016

Date  -     November 29 (Tuesday) - December 2, 2016 (Friday)
Place  -     Okinawa Grand Mer Resort
Address  -     2-9-1 Yogi, Okinawa 904-2174, Japan
Phone : 098-931-1500
Special Lectures  -     Toshiyuki Kobayashi(University of Tokyo) and Soichi Okada (Nagoya University)
Organizers  -     Masao Ishikawa (Okayama University) and Yasufumi Hashimoto (University of the Ryukyus)

Submission Schedule

Submission Starts at  -     August 2, 2016 (Tuesday)
Submission ends at  -     September 24, 2016 (Friday)
Conference Program appears at  -     September 30, 2016, (Friday)
Article Submission Starts at  -     September 30, 2016, (Friday)
Deadline for Articles  -     October 24, 2016 (Monday)

Registration Schedule

Conference Program appears at  -     September 30, 2016, (Friday)
Registration Start  -     September 28, 2016 (Tuesday)
Deadline for Registration  -     October 28, 2016 (Monday)

Special Lectures


Special Lectures      Affiliation      Title
Toshiyuki Kbayashi      The University of Tokyo      Conformal geometry and branching problems in representation theory
Soichi Okada      Nagoya University      Schur Q-functions and symplectic Q-functions


Program of Symposium on Representation Theory 2016



It takes approximately 40 minutes from Naha Airport to Okinawa Grand Mer Resort by shuttle bus. There is no public transpotasion which directly connect Naha airport and the conference place. The conference will not provide a transpotation between the airport and the conference. But the hotel provides free shuttle busbetween Naha airport and the hotel. The one who want to take this free shuttle have to make a reservation by calling the hotel 098-931-1500 . You can find the timetable of the free shuttles in the hotel webpage.

For recreation we suggest American Village, Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom. If you rent a car, we suggest Sea Bridge, Life Salt, and Nakagusuku Castle Ruins (World Heritage). The hotel is equipped with swimming pool and sauna.

We expect the accommodation costs almost similar rate as the last year. We appoligize the hotel has no hot spring nor public bath. If you want to swim at the pool, please do not forget to bring your swimming wear. This hotel is a resort hotel in the middle part of Okinawa which provides nice facilities, excellent meals and a relaxing time to do mathematics.

The following is the participant list of Symposium on Representation Theory 2016. (It may take several days to reflect your rgistration.) If your name is not in the list, please contact the organizer.
Participant list

The morning sessions will be held in Hineya Community center, which is within walking distance (10 munute walk). If you need, the hotel provide a car transpotation (3 minutes drive). The afternoon sessions and evening sessions will be in the second floor of the hotel.
Route map from the hotel to Hineya Community Center

The hotel is not in Naha city, but in Okinawa city which is a bit far from the Naha International Airport. Participants MUST call the hotel TEL 098-931-1500 and book a shuttle which fits your arrival flight. It's free and you can find the time table of the shuttles between Naha Airport and the hotel at the following webpage:
Shuttle Time Table

If you take lunch in Naha Airport, we reccommend Airport Restaurant, which serves local foods and is quite popular among local people. However, the taste and quntaty are typically in Okinawa style, so that it will be a bit challange for you.


The hotel stuff told us that you may swim at the Sunset Beach near the American Village.

The hotel is equiped with indoor swimming poor and sports gym, which are free of charge for hotel guests. We expect strong UV in Okinawa even in this season. You may bring sun block cream and sun glasses. Don't forget your swimming suit if you want to swim.

The morning sessions will be held in Hineya community center near the hotel, which is 10 minute walk from the hotel. However, the afternoon sessions and night sessions will be in 2nd floor of the hotel. We reccommend to walk to the Hineya community center, but, if you need, the hotel provides a shuttle.
The Route from Grand Mer Resort to Hineya community center

Transportations from Naha Airoirt to Grand Mer Resort

  1. (1) [Free Shuttle]approx 40min

  2. (2) [Highway Bus 152]approx 60min

  3. (3) [Local Bus 25]approx 90min (The bus passes the downtown Naha. The time depnds on the traffic.)

  4. (4) [Local Bus 52]approx 2 hours (The bus passes the downtown Naha. The time depnds on the traffic.)

  5. (5) [Local Bus 30]approx 2 and half hours (The bus passes the downtown Naha. The time depnds on the traffic.)

  6. (6) [Highway Bus 111]approx 90min (You have to walk 1km after you get off the highway bus.)

Transportations from Grand Mer Resort to Naha Airport after Symposium (on December 2, 2016)

  1. (1) [Highway Bus 152] Grand Mer Resort 12:45 -> Naha International Airport 13:45

  2. (2) [Highway Bus 111] Grand Mer Resort 13:10 -> Naha International Airport 14:11

  3. (3) [Highway Bus 152] Grand Mer Resort 13:45 -> Naha International Airport 14:45

  4. (4) [Local Bus 25] Grand Mer Resort 13:15 -> Naha International Airport 14:47

  5. (5) [Local Bus 52] Grand Mer Resort 12:55 -> Naha International Airport 14:41

  6. (6) [Local Bus 30] Grand Mer Resort 13:15 -> Naha International Airport 15:11

  7. (7) [Free Shuttle] Grand Mer Resort 15:00 -> Naha International Airport 15:40

The detailed descriptionof the access methods.
How to access the Grand Mer Resort.

This is an announcement to speakers. The symposium room is equipped with a LCD projector and white boards. If you need other equipments, please contact us.

You can downloads the poster of Symposium on Representation Theory 2016. Please use it to advertise our symposium.

The symposium reception desk will be set in the 2nd floor of the hotel. We will open the reception at 3pm because the check-in time of the hotel is 3pm. We will collect the participation fee at the reception.

The dinner of November 29 will start at 6pm at the Japanese restaurant "Shuna" in the 2nd floor. Even if your arrival becomes later, you can have your dinner if you booked it.

Check the temperature of Naha before you leave. Bon Voyage!

The breakfast of November 30 and December 1 will be served at the Japanese restaurant "Shuna" in the 2nd floor. The restaurant opens at 6am. If you go earlier then you don't have to wait.

The shuttle bus to the morning session place leaves the hotel at 8h20 and 8h40. Please wait inside the lobby in the 1st floor. Somebody will tell you when the bus is ready. The weather forecast says it will be rainy on December 1. Bring your umbrella even if you take the bus.

On the last day (December 2) of the symposium, please take your lagguage out of your room before the morning session. You can leave you bags at the front desk (1F).

Access to Naha Airport by Bus 111

Access to Naha Airport by Bus 152

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