RIMS Workshop

Differential Geometry of Submanifolds

June 27--29, 2011

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University


June 27 (Mon)
13:30--14:30 Yoshihiro Ohnita (Osaka City University)
Geometry of Lagrangian submanifolds and isoparametric hypersurfaces
14:45--15:45 Takashi Kurose (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Bi-Hamiltonian systems on the spaces of curves
16:00--17:00 Masaaki Umehara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Closed planar curves without inflections
June 28 (Tue)
09:30--10:30 Yuji Sano (Kumamoto University)
Obstructive divisors to the existence of Kahler-Einstein metrics
10:45--11:45 Toru Kajigaya (Tohoku University)
Legendrian minimal submanifolds in Sasakian manifolds and its stability
13:30--14:30 Norio Ejiri (Meijo University)
A special pseudo Kaehler structure on a deformation space of a minimal surface in a flat torus and its application
14:45--15:45 Kouhei Miura (Ochanomizu University)
On Lorentz surfaces with vanishing mean curvature vector field in a pseudo-Riemannian space form
16:00--17:00 David Brander (Technical University of Denmark)
CMC surfaces in Minkowski space via integrable systems techniques
June 29 (Wed)
09:00--10:00 Hiroshi Iriyeh (Tokyo Denki University)
Lagrangian Floer homology of a pair of real forms in Hermitian symmetric spaces of compact type
10:15--10:45 Satoshi Ueki (Tohoku University)
Research on Lagrange intersections and leaf-wise intersections
11:00--12:00 Takashi Okayasu (Ibaraki University)
Two results on construction of complete minimal submanifolds in the Euclidean space


Shoichi Fujimori (Okayama University)