Mathematical Journal of Okayama University (ISSN 0030-1566)

Information to Authors of papers in MJOU Vol.1 - 45

Re: Transfer of public transmission rights

The editorial board of the Mathematical Journal of Okayama University (MJOU) would like to ask all authors of MJOU from Vol.1 (1952) -- Vol.45 (2003) to transfer the public transmission rights of his/her papers partially to the Department of Mathematics of Okayama University in order to meet various demands for electronic access in the future.

More precisely, we would like each author to agree the following two items.

  1. To let his/her article to be accessed from internet at the homepage of MJOU.
  2. To let the Department of Mathematics of Okayama University authorize a third party to share the same public transmission rights as in the item 1.

Since March 26, 2006, at the homepage of MJOU, we have been asking the authors to respond (positive/negative) agreement for online publication of their papers, and so far we have received only positive answers.

If, however, you disagree some of your paper(s) to be published online, please let us know in writing. Once we confirm that you are the holder of the copyright of the paper and do not consent to have it available online, we shall make the paper unavailable on our websites. Thank you for your attention.

Editorial Office of Mathematical Journal of Okayama University,
Email: journal((at))
Postal Address:
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science,
Okayama University,
Okayama, 700-8530 Japan.