A Workshop on

Algebraic Combinatorics related to Young diagrams and Statistical Physics

A Sattelite Workshop of FPSAC'12 (July 30- August 3, 2012, Nagoya) will take place

  • from August 6, 2012 to August 10, 2012,
  • at International Institute for Advanced Study,.
  • organized as RIMS Camp-style Seminar
  • by Masao Ishikawa and Soichi Okada.
  • Please contact ishikawa[at]edu.u-ryukyu.ac.jp if you are interested in ([at] should be replaced by @).


Bob Proctor (University of North Carolina)
d-Complete Posets and Hook Length Property
Philippe Di-Francesco (IPhT, CEA-SAaclay)
Weighted Enumeration of Alternating Sign Matrices and Descending Plane Partitions