Group photo of the class "Analysis I (Lebesgue Integrals)" taken by Prof. Kakehi, July. 2011.

Conference talk at 35th SPA, Oaxaca, Mexico, June. 2011.

With Oaxaca girls, June. 2011.

At my favorite Sushi-bar in Osaka, Sept. 2010.

Project meeting of [13] in Cambridge, April 2010.

With my students (& OB) in the third year, Dec. 2009.

With "young & powerful" probabilists in Berlin, Nov. 2009.

With my students in the second year, Mar. 2009.

Conference talk at Kyoto, Aug. 2008.

With my students in the first year, Mar. 2008.

At the garden of Exeter College, University of Oxford, Nov. 2006. I thank ZM for taking the photo.

At Bonn, Dec. 2006

At Det Kongelige Slott in Oslo, Aug. 2005

At The Abel Symposium 2005, Aug. 2005

At Bielefeld, with my co-author, July. 2005

What ??, June. 2005